Forrest Fest 2011
Call for Artists 2011

Happy thanksgiving everybody. It's gonna be a beautiful end of the year for everyone. From Hannakah, to Christmas, to Yule, and beyond, this is the season of new birth, new beginnings and a closeness with the blessedness of the Lord of the Dance. We give thanks for the birth of the Christ Child, for the Madonna who sacrificed for that offering, and for the God who gave us the free will to choose our personal celebration.

Forrest Fest 2011 will be held the third weekend in April, Friday the 15th through Saturday the 16th, Sunday morning breakfast TBA.

We invite you this year to submit your request to be included as a featured artists on the 2011 program. We enjoy the company of poets, musicians, and artists, from academe, to the streets, from spoken word, to standup, from from the bardic tradition to cowboys and comics; it's not what you do, but how you do it that counts. We want to hear from you. This is the first year we have invited your submission as a part of the selection process of Forrest Fest and hope that this will facilitate the inclusion of anyone who has previously been overlooked. Let us know what you do, give us a sample, and we'll toss your request in the ring.

Have fun Thursday, eat great big and before you crash out on that protein, write a new poem for us. Connie Lane Williams

Prickly Pear World

Take a look at some of the local flora and fauna on your visit to Forrest Fest 2011. We've got a variety of plant life and animal life unsurpassed by any location in the world. The trick here is to get still enough to see it.

Angels in the Trees

All ages get in on the action at Forrest Fest. Zach Harmon gives Logan Williams, 2 and 1/2 a bit of acoustic instruction.

Submit your request to be included on the Forrest Fest Featured artists program to

Whether you want to perform or hang out and enjoy the music and good eats (BBQ is on), take a look at this year's website (under 2011 revision) and find out what's up. See you for the christmas edition of the Forrest Fest newsletter.


Halloween Connie
Connie Williams
Forrest Fest, Inc.

voice: 806.777.9864

Submit your request to be included as a featured artist at Forrest Fest 2011 to Connie Williams at


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