Two Broken Hearts

Zach Harmon
Jason Heffernan, Brenda Heffernan


Jason is a fantastic young writer who has a bunch of great ideas. In addition to his mother's great songwriting talent, they are an incredible writing duo. I was very fortunate enough to be able to have this song on my album. I fell in love with it instantly.


"Two Broken Hearts"

(verse 1)

Doing all that I can do

To keep from breaking down

Looking in the rearview

At the lights of my home town

Never thought it'd be this hard

To leave it all behind

In another mile

I'll be across that county line


I saw you three times this morning

Twice on my way home

This time is the last time

I'm leaving you alone

I think I'll make it easy

We're better off apart

Cause this town just ain't big enough

For two broken hearts

(verse 2)

I thought I'd take the back road

So we wouldn't meet

Then I saw you pass me

On that dead end street

Tried to turn the other way

But you were there just the same

I can't get over you

When you're in the other lane



I know I'm going to miss our little town

All our hopes and dreams

And the love we thought we found

I never thought that I'd

Be the one out on this road

There's no way around it

Someone's gotta go



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