Those Stars Still Shine

Zach Harmon
Greg Young


This was so cool to me. I like having multiple writers on an album. That way it doesn't seem like one guy wrote the whole album. There is a different flavor to it. Well, the studio engineer introduced me to Greg Young and told him that I wanted a song that had to do with changes. He called me the next day at 10am with a song. He wrote this song over night. I thought that was so cool.


"Those Stars Still Shine"

(verse 1)

Driving down this road

By the drive-in picture show

Where my parents used to go in the summer time

On a saturday night

Josie Wales beneath the stars

Smokey and the Bandit and a candy bar

They loved, they lived, what a sweet, sweet life


Changes come scene by scene

Those stars still shine over Abilene

Those stars still shine over Abilene

(verse 2)

Now I can't say I know

What lies on down this road

Or where I'm gonna go

It's a mystery, who knows these things

I'm living for today

I'm caught up in the moment and going to stay

Right here with you no matter what life brings



Baby I know a change is coming

It's just around the bend

But, I hope you will stay with me

And see just how the movie ends


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