Let's Go For A Ride

Zach Harmon
Zach Harmon


Let's Go For A Ride

(Verse 1)
Baby turn off that tv
Oh we don't need that noise
I'm tired of the day by rerun
Too much work, not enough joys.

I think it's time to make some changes
I think it's time for a ride

Let's go for a ride, leave this town behind
Let our worries roll by with the wind
All we need is each other and the time to spend
We'll chase the morning sun
Find ourselves a little fun
So pull your hair back girl and just hold on tight
Get ready, my baby, let's go for a ride

Aren't you ready for a new beginning
Two lives living on their own
My heart is aching for a new adventure
Two wheels and a winding road

I think it's time to take some chances
I think the time is tonight

Repeat Chorus

Spend the day by a lake we've never heard of
Floating the river with a drink or two
Rolling around a field under the stars
Doesn't make 'cause I'm with you.

Repeat Chorus

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