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proud of you for making this!!! shows you are wanting to take your career to the next level!!!
had a blast dancing with you at the lumberyard ... cant wait to see you guys again.... you guys rock . <3 rose
This past Saturday 9-8-12 u played at Dukes in Brownwood. Sang Happy Birthday to me, it was the best day I have had in a VERY long time!! I fell in love with u right then and there. Cannot wait to see u again ASAP
yall are the best band my birthday is comming up and i what to know if yall can play April 7 and i need to know who much it is a the railhead ice house so please email me back asap
Yay. It works agian! See you Saturday and Sunday! Bye
Would love to hear you in person...love your music!!
saw you at western heritage, you're a great singer. I know concert music is loud but it was so loud, it was really hard to hear your voice. keep up the good work !
Just heard you at the PetSmart parking lot! I really enjoyed your music! Wishing you continued success!
I love your voice
You make me SMILE :) You are so awesome in so many ways and your personality rocks! We love ya and we look forward to hearing you sing, smile, and look sexy!
i can't wait for your other cd to come out. If it out please let me know where I can get it ok. thank you kathy
i am a big fan of yours, ive see u at kents harley davidson,and in hawley a few times.
Make you smile
i cant wait to hear it///
your awesome dude! I love to hear you guys live.
congrats to the band!!
You are on the way Zach!!!
Keep rockin it...Love ya!!!
I heard ya play at the reliant hosp party. Can't wait to buy the album!
cant wait for fire n ice
Hi Zach! You rock n stuff!! Love ya!
I love your music! Had a great time at reliant the other night. Can't wait too see u at Lucky Mule on the 25th.
I love your music. Had fun at the New Year's Eve party. I hope you can play for us again!!!
I want "make u smile "
I would love to receive the download "Make You Smile". Love your music Zach!
Doing a great job, Keep on making great music!!
i love all of your songs:) and i like that you are such a cool guy:)
you played our wedding in November, great memories
I work with David..great music!
hope you will be playing at the Lucky Mule again sometime this year. I really enjoyed meeting you and your bunch.
well I don't live in tx anymore but I find yer cd on iTunes... Keep it up don't forget our small town...
You are doing a great job out there Zach.
Love your web page and love your music----
Zach, So proud of of what you're accomplished and what you will accomplish. I know you're going to do great things and your music rocks my socks off! And btw, I stil remember the football game when you came up out of the pile and your finger was bent and broken like no other! still gives me the hibbidy jibbidies!! Keep on rockin' tough man. I know you're dad couldn't be more proud... See you soon bro!
Zach, Your music is great and I see you share the same passion for the troops that I do. I toured Iraq in 2009. You do justice to the name. Keep making great music and God bless. Zac
I was really sorry to hear you lost your father. You will remain in our prayers in the days ahead.
Dont forget the little people back home, love the music wish you well!
thank you for playing for Snyder's Save Second Base. Ya'll did a great job! Can't wait till you are here in December.
hey zach:) miss you!! its gonna be awesome when all the girls are screaming for you and i can look at them and say hey you know what thats my cousin:) thats gonna be one awesome day!! tell everyone i say hi!! love, Emery
hey zach im listening to your CD right now:) hope to see you at thanksgiving this year! Love, your cousin Emery
Zach: We love your music...Stephanie still talks about you coming and singing to her at the Festival Gardens by the Zoo on her birthday...the picture of you & her sit in a frame in her room. Thanks for making her day special.
I heard about you opening for Aaron Watson last week!! Glad everyone else is finally getting updated!! LOL!!! Can't wait!! Everyone better come on out to the Lucky Mule and catch 2 of Abilene's finest!! August 21st!!
Zach...you were being observed by someone you didn't know but who knew exactly who you were...and you were an incredibly nice and gracious young guy. May you go far doing what you want to do.
You sounded great out at Sweetwater! Your band and sound are awesome! Keep up the great work!
I saw you last night in Anson. That was my first concert. I just wanted to say thank you. You were awesome.
we watched you today in albany texas and i thought you were amazing!! i hope life carries your far and the lord will always be with you on your journey. p.s. im the one that my phone wouldnt work and i had to take like 4 pictures with you!!(:
good to see thigs going good and getting busy for you ... keep up the good music see you soon
Keep going like you are Zach.....you are a great performer and song writer. I hope you always remember where you came from to keep the spirit you now have on your trip to the stars !!
Hey Zach!
Thanks for a great show last night in Snyder. You have an amazing voice and the engery from all of you on stage was amazing...I look forward to hearing your music on xm radio soon!!!!Hopefully we will get to travel to my hometown of colorado city to see yall play on the 24th..
Hey Zach, just wanted to say great job at Kent's Harley Davidson. I dont know if you remeber me, We were the ones who wanted to take your picture, and the lady i was with wants to remind you we are still goin to get more pictures next time me see you. But wonderful job. Your a wonderful, and musican. Keep up the good work. PeaceLove:) Courtney
Thanks for hanging out at Southern NightsI am greatful to have you as a good friend and musician. Your new C.D. is outstanding I hope it brings you to bigger and better things in your life. Give my best to you and the rest of your band.
I am so proud of you!! I hope you remember your promise. Love always, Monica
great show tonite at the Lucky Mule, you seem so down to earth and that is what what makes you ROCK Zach!!! Best wishes in all things you do and I will keep you and your band in my prayers as you travel this year...
Soo super excited about tonight!!!! Cd release at the Lucky Mule with Johnny Cooper!!!! Congrats, Zach!!!!!!
ya'll are awesome and the cd is really good!! Keep that old drummer of yours in line! -the drummers boy
I am so excited for you Zach!! I can't wait to get a copy of your CD!! I know you will do great!! Congrats on everything!! I wish you the very best in the future!!!
Congratulations on the CD, FINALLY!!! I'm very happy for you guys and wish you lots of success!!! The one and only, Lacie Lou!!!!
I would like to pass some lyrics on to Zach if possible. I have written a kind of anthem about the American Soldier in Iraq that I feel has yet to be said. I currently reside at Fort Sill, OK. but I moved here from Abilene, Tx. You can contact me at: 2043s Adams Rd. Fort Sill, OK 73503 Thank You, E. Luna
Well I never thought I would ever hear another Zach Harmon. But you represent well. I love your music. Much success. Zac Harmon www.zacharmon.com
Yo, Zach, I know you probly dont remember me but good luck man. All your friends are still behind you.
Got the listen to the demo of album. Sounds so great.
It has been a pleasure to watch your career in music come together.Can't wait to see how far you go.Now I want a seat on that big bus you'll have one day!
Really digging the highway pic up top. Keep on rocking!
Greetings from Tyler, TX. Great songs. I'm looking forward to buying your album.
I'm so proud of you!
Good luck to you Zach. Great song. Craig
All the success to you, our friend! You've got what it takes to make it and we wish you the absolute best ride you can take!
Whats up man, ben trying to get to your page at work but gov comps wont allow it... LOL well hit me up
Things are surely moving along for you. Many blessings to you. I know you will be heard far and wide.
So proud of you and for you!! You will always be one of my favorite Baird Bears!
Woohoo! I am excited for you! Website looks good! Great job as usual!
I like it!You know you somebody when you have your own ".com"! Rock on!
I love the website:)
wooo go zach, awesome music dude, it's going to be cool in a couple of years when i say yeah i know that guy, I know zach harmon, Jud

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